Fig Cookies

Trader Joe’s fig cookies are a regular snack in my house. As someone who loves to eat figs and likes cookies on the softer side, these cookies are a perfect combination of the two.

The details

Price: $2.49

Size: 10 oz / 14 cookies

Servings per box: 7 (2 cookies per serving)

Calories per serving: 150

How do Trader Joe’s fig cookies taste?

Trader Joe’s fig cookies are a delicious combination of sweet fig taste with a soft baked cookie. It’s satisfyingly sweet as a cookie should be but not overpowering, allowing the fig flavor to shine through. 

Biting into the fig cookie is so satisfying. The soft outer cookie contrasts the chewiness of the fig filling.

The soft cookie exterior has a slightly crumbly texture. It crumbles in a way that it almost melts in your mouth. 

Then you reach the dense figgy middle that you have to bite or pull away to get a bite. Chew them up together for a sweet fruity snack.

Fig cookies as a snack

These cookies make a great afternoon snack if you have a sweet tooth or need a little sugary pick-me-up. They’d even make a decent after-dinner snack or dessert with something warm to drink. 

They are very sweet, which makes sense given some of the top ingredients are cane sugar, figs, tapioca syrup, and organic agave syrup. 

Whenever I reach for them, I can only eat one or two at maximum at a time because of how sweet they are. I wonder if others can only eat a few at a time too. 

Final thoughts

These delicious cookies are a great snack option for fig lovers and soft cookie enthusiasts. They live up to the idea of a figgy treat and are a quintessential throwback to the Fig Newtons of childhood snack times. 

Rating: 5/5

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