Passion Fruit Rounds

While shopping at Trader Joe’s this past weekend, I did a double take when I saw these passion fruit rounds. I’m a big fan of passion fruit flavor, and I love fruit snacks with a passion (get it?). So when I saw these rounds, I jumped at the chance to try them! Here’s how it stacked up.

What is passion fruit?

Passion fruits are small round or oval fruits that grow on vines. They come in a variety of colors. 

The ones I see at produce markets are reddish purple. The flesh inside is juicy and yellow and filled with dark seeds.

In Hawaii, passion fruit is known as lilikoi. The skin of that variety is yellow in color. 

Ripe passion fruit is aromatic. It has a delicious tangy sweet taste but can be tart if not fully ripe. The pulp and the seeds can be eaten.

Passion fruit extract is often used to flavor items such as juices, soda, cakes, and other foods. 

How did the passion fruit rounds taste?

The rounds were delicious! They tasted like passion fruit, slightly sweet and tangy. The fruity taste was right on, not too light or overpowering. 

The texture was similar to a fruit leather. The pieces were thin but bent and twisted and tore with a bite. They had a bit of chewiness and stickiness which led to sticking on the teeth when munching on them. 

I was concerned I wouldn’t like the seeds because raw passion fruit seeds are hard and bitter like eating apple seeds. I hardly noticed the seeds here. They just added a bit more crunch to the rounds.

As someone who loved fruit snacks and fruit leathers growing up, these brought back memories of happy snack times. These are a perfect adult version of fruit snacks. 

They’re an easy treat when you want something small and sweet to snack on. The package is small enough to pop in a purse or lunch tote to take with you on the go.

I didn’t find anything to dislike about the rounds. Take note if you’re watching your sugar though.

They have a lot of sugar at 54% of your daily value in 1 package.

The verdict

A must try item if you like fruity sweet snacks. I loved these and could have eaten the whole package in one go. I’m going to buy several the next time I go to TJ’s. Go grab one or two packs for yourself before they run out.

Rating: 5/5

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